The Funniest Wedding Underwear You’ve Ever Seen: Our Top Picks for Comical Panties!

The Funniest Wedding Underwear You’ve Ever Seen: Our Top Picks for Comical Panties!

Looking to add some humor and levity to your special day? Say “I do” to the funniest wedding underwear you’ve ever seen! From silly slogans to playful patterns, these comical panties are sure to bring a smile (and maybe even a giggle) to both you and your partner. So whether you’re looking for a unique gift for your bridesmaids or just want something fun and unexpected under your dress, check out our top picks for the funniest wedding underwear around. Get ready to laugh all the way down the aisle!

What are Wedding Underwear?

Wedding underwear are always a popular item to buy for couples who are getting married. There are many different types of wedding underwear available, and each has its own unique appeal. Here are our top picks for the funniest wedding underwear that you’ll ever see!

1. These panties come with a built-in teddy bear, just in case you were feeling lonely on your big day!

2. These ones have a message written all over them: “I may not be the best husband material, but I sure am the best underpants material!”

3. This set comes with two pairs of matching panties and a matching robe – perfect for when you need to change between dancing and posing for pictures!

4. These sheer panties make it easy to show off your tan lines – perfect if you want to show off your muscles while wearing something sexy!

5. These funny little panties come with an attached cape that can be used to shield yourself from any unwanted attention on your big day!

Types of Wedding Underwear

Wedding underwear can be a very funny and unique way to show your wedding guests that you are both serious about the big day, but also have a sense of humor. They can also be a great way to add some levity to an otherwise solemn ceremony or reception.

Below are some of our favorite humorous wedding panties:

1. These “I Do” boxer briefs are perfect for couples who want their underwear to say it all. They come in two colors (black and navy), and are made from 100% cotton for comfort.

2. For a more subtle approach, these “I Do” funny panties come in black with pale pink details, making them perfect for any bride who wants something tasteful yet playful.

3. If you’re looking for something even more risqué, these “Kiss Me” panties are the perfect choice! They come in black and feature two hearts that spell out “Kiss Me.”

4. And last but not least, we have these delightful “Crazy Love” panties! These panties come in three different colors (pink, purple, and green) and feature a heart-shaped print on the front designed to look like rainbows.

What to Look for in a Pair of Funny Panties

Looking for a pair of funny panties that will make your wedding day even more memorable? Look no further! Here are our top picks for the funniest panties around:

1. The “I’m not wearing any pants” panty: This hilarious pair of panties features a bold, message-laden slogan on the front. Whether you’re planning to let everyone know you’re not wearing any pants, or just want to add some fun levity to your wedding ceremony, these cheeky panties are perfect!

2. The “I’m going commando” panty: If you’re looking for an all-out funny pair of panties, look no further than thisCommando style panty. Featuring a crude and hilarious graphic on the rear, these briefs will have everyone in stitches at your next wedding ceremony!

3. The “I don’t do wedgies” panty: For a less risqué but still very amusing pair of underwear, try out this delightful “I don’t do wedgies” design. With its playful and clever wording, these briefs will be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face at your wedding!

4. The “Why did I marry him?” panty: This hilarious pair of panties is perfect for anyone who’s been hitched for too long and is ready to chuck their husband (or wife!) in favour of a new love interest! Featuring a cute cartoon image of a man with an exclamation mark

5 Funniest Wedding Underwear Brands

Wedding underwear can be a really fun way to show your personality on your big day! There are so many funny and quirky brands out there that it was hard to narrow it down to just five. Here are our top picks for the funniest wedding underwear you’ve ever seen:

1. Calvin Klein Underwear

2. Bonds Underwear

3. Fruit of the Loom Underwear

4. Cobiwear Underwear

5. American Apparel Underwear


Wedding underwear can be a little nerve-wracking, but if done correctly, they can be quite hysterical and entertaining. Our top picks for funny wedding panties include some classics like the “I Voted” panty and the “Yes I’m Pregnant” panty, as well as some more inventive choices like the “Dinner is Ready” bra and the “Bachelor Party” thong. No matter what your style or sense of humor, we think you’ll find at least one pair of funny wedding panties that will make your day just a little bit better!

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